The challenge of the Spring Creek Project is to bring together the practical wisdom of the environmental sciences, the clarity of philosophical analysis, and the creative, expressive power of the written word, to find new ways to understand and re-imagine our relation to the natural world.

The Spring Creek Project offers residencies at two locations in Oregon—the Shotpouch Cabin in the Oregon Coast Range and H.J. Andrews Experimental Forest in the western Cascade Range. We also host campus and community events and programs in Corvallis. 

Shotpouch Cabin Residencies
  • The Collaborative Retreat at the Cabin at Shotpouch Creek is a two-week-long retreat for two participants who wish to pursue a collaborative project, or two participants who each have individual projects and who anticipate a synergistic benefit from each other's presence.
  • The Trillium Project is a residency program that takes place during the spring wildflower season and focuses on the Cabin and the Shotpouch land.  We welcome proposals from people of a variety of backgrounds--artists, writers, philosophers, scientists, composers, etc--to visit for a day or a few nights and engage thoughtfully with the land by writing, studying, listening, and creating.
  • The Graduate Student Research and Writing Retreat is offered to Oregon State University graduate student(s) who are engaged in a place-based writing and/or research project such as a thesis or dissertation project, independent study, or internship in the humanities or environmental sciences. The one-week retreat is offered during Summer, Spring, and Winter Breaks. Faculty members are invited to nominate graduate students in the humanities or environmental sciences. 
H.J. Andrews Experimental Forest Residencies
  • The Long-Term Ecological Reflections program hosts a Fall and Spring Writers-in-Residence Programs at the H.J. Andrews Experimental Forest. The resident writers live at the Andrews Forest for one to two weeks, interact with the scientists, explore the forest, and write. Writers are asked to visit several Long-Term Ecological Reflection plots, long-term research plots or other places of ecological interest, and to contribute their written reflections to the Forest Log.
Our open submissions are listed below. 
Ends on May 15, 2017

The Shotpouch Collaborative Retreat is a two-week retreat for two participants who wish to pursue a collaborative project, or two participants who each have individual projects and who anticipate a synergistic benefit from each other's presence.  At least one of the applicants must be a writer who takes inspiration from the natural world.  The second applicant may also be a writer, or he or she may work in any other field (e.g. science, philosophy, music, art, crafts, etc.).   In your joint application, please tell us how you plan to collaborate or otherwise support each other's work during the retreat.

Spring Creek Project sponsors the Collaborative Writing Retreat, and we believe that the writing life is far richer than the myth of the solitary individual, struggling alone to put words on paper, would suggest. The Collaborative Retreat recognizes that writers are part of a dynamic system of writers, readers and wider communities.  Unusual energy and inspiration can emerge when people from different backgrounds work together in a place of natural quiet and beauty.

Each participant will receive a stipend of $250.

The Cabin at Shotpouch Creek

The Cabin at Shotpouch Creek is a lovely and comfortable two-bedroom cabin nestled in the Oregon Coast Range on a 40-acre nature reserve about 25 miles west of Corvallis.  The house overlooks Shotpouch Creek, a tributary of the Marys River.  From the cabin, miles of hiking trails climb into the forest- and fern-covered hills.  Inside the cabin is a spacious living/meeting/writing area.  A wall of windows looks out onto the creek and meadow.  The cabin has a well-equipped kitchen, electric heat and a telephone. There is no cell phone service or internet at the cabin. You will need to bring your own computer, if you desire.

The Spring Creek Project  

The challenge of the Spring Creek Project is to bring together the practical wisdom of the environmental sciences, the clarity of philosophical analysis, and the creative, expressive power of the written word to find new ways to understand and re-imagine our relation to the natural world.  We are dedicated to creating conversations among creative writers, philosophers, and environmental scientists, both in and out of the academy.  We wish to nurture collaborations among people with various ways of seeing, understanding, and expressing the relation between humans and the rest of the natural world. 

Application Deadlines

Collaborative Retreats are available in the fall and spring. 

  • Applications for the spring retreat are due in December 1, and participants will be selected and notified by January 1. There are two retreat dates available: Feb 25 - March 10, 2017 and March 11 - March 24, 2017
  • Applications for the fall retreat are due on May 15, and participants will be selected and notified by June 15. There are two retreat dates available: August 5 – August 18, 2017 and August 21 – September 3, 2017

To Apply

There is no fee for applying. For each applicant, please prepare the following materials:

  1. One page from each applicant describing your work, telling us how you plan to use the Cabin at Shotpouch Creek, and how you plan to collaborate or otherwise support one another's projects. 
  2. A work sample.  We are looking for artists whose work is consistent with the mission of the Spring Creek Project.  Please submit recent written work, published on unpublished, about 8-10 pages of poetry or 10-15 pages of prose.  Artists or scholars in fields other than creative writing may submit photos or a written description of their work.

The mission of the Long-Term Ecological Reflections program is to bring together writers, humanists and scientists to create a living, growing record of how we understand the forest and the relation of people to the forest, as that understanding and that forest both change over time. Creative writers whose work in any genre reflects a keen awareness of the natural world and an appreciation for both scientific and literary ways of knowing are invited to apply for one-week residencies at the H. J. Andrews Experimental Forest.

For the Andrews Forest Residencies, writers are provided:

  • a comfortable apartment at the H.J. Andrews Experimental Forest
  • access to a majestic ancient forest and world-renowned research site
  • opportunities to interact with research scientists as they go about their work
  • opportunities to have their writings included in The Forest Log
  • an honorarium of $250.

The residencies are intended to provide concentrated time for personal creative work that promises to further the exploration of the relationship of humans to the rest of the natural world. While we want writers to have complete freedom to pursue their own work during the residency, we also ask that each resident writer:

  • Visits at some point during the residency, each of three designated “Reflections Plots,” places of significant natural and research interest, and write some observations and reflections about those places.
  • Gives permission to publish some of the writing from the residency in the Forest Log, a web-based anthology of notes, observations, poems, vignettes, essays, or insights, both working documents and “finished” pieces, that will over time constitute a multi-dimensional portrait of the Andrews.  (We encourage residents to publish in any journal or other outlet they see fit.  We only ask to have the rights to reprint anything you publish elsewhere about the Andrews).
  • Writes a brief letter reflecting on the residency, offering suggestions on what we can do in the future to make these residencies as conducive as possible to the goal of encouraging Long-Term Ecological Reflections.
  • Participates in a brief closing conversation with a staff member at the end of the residency.

Accommodations: Writers provide their own transportation and take care of their meals while at the Andrews.  The apartment's kitchen is well equipped with cookware and dishes. All facilities have wireless Internet access. Residents should bring a laptop if they so desire.  A computer lab in the headquarters building is also available for word processing or accessing the Internet.  A telephone is available in the headquarters building; residents should bring a calling card or pre-paid phone card if they wish to place long-distance calls.  Cell phones generally do not work at the Andrews.

Information on restaurants, grocery stores and other conveniences will be provided when individuals are accepted for a residency.   If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.  The staff of the Spring Creek Project will do everything in our power to make each residency at the Andrews inspired, productive, and rejuvenating.

Residency Schedule: The spring residency begins on March 1 and ends on May 31. The fall residency begins on October 1 and ends on November 30. When you apply for a residency, please identify up to three blocks of time (7-14 days each) that will work with your schedule. 

Selection and Notification of Writers-in-Residence: Applications are reviewed by a Selection Committee. Applicants can expect to be notified of the Selection Committee’s decision approximately four weeks after the application deadline.

  • One page describing your work and how you plan to use the retreat. Explain how your work fits with the mission of Long-Term Ecological Reflections.
  • A work sample: about ten pages of poetry or fifteen of prose, or other documentation.
  • Vita, including list of published work.
The Andrews Forest Writers' Residencies are managed by the Spring Creek Project for ideas, nature, and the written word

For more information about the Andrews Experimental Forest, please visit the Andrews Long-Term Ecological Reflections website.